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The Top Fitness Myths

At some point in our fitness journeys, no matter how advanced we are, we have likely all come face-to-face with a fitness myth and just didn’t know it. It is very easy to believe these fitness myths when you want to do everything you can to reach your fitness goals, so don’t give yourself too hard of a time. What is more important than anything else is doing your research about the things you hear, especially if it is about your health, to check its validity and to see if it will actually work for your body. Keep reading to learn more about the most common misconceptions about fitness. For more ways to get the most out of your workout, take a look through our website and try HEROBOARD today!

Exercise Can Erase My Bad Eating Habits

This one is a big yikes. It’s upsetting how pervasive this myth is, as is it commonly thought that if you exercise regularly and intensely, it can make up for how poor your diet is. What everyone on their fitness journey needs to thoroughly understand is that your diet has to be in check. About 80% of what you look like is based on your diet. Your diet should limit the amount of processed fats and sugars that you eat, prioritizing healthy forms of fiber, protein, fat, and more. If you are fiercely committed to eating right, you may want to sit down and do the calorie math.

If You Don’t Feel Sore After a Workout, You Didn’t Train Hard Enough

We all know and love feeling sore after a workout, mostly because we believe that we worked out hard enough and that we are building tough muscle. For many people, muscle soreness is a badge of honor. When we find ourselves hobbling around the day after a workout, however, it is likely because we overworked our global muscles. Global muscles are the larger muscles in the body, like the quadriceps and biceps. They are known for their ability to develop strength in addition to being called upon when the adrenaline kicks in during a workout.

When you are tempted to feel the burn from a workout, consider the burn as a sign that your body may not be receiving the support it needs from the core, and it may be time to cross-train with core development moves. You can absolutely have an effective workout without feeling sore the next day. As a matter of fact, it is likely better for your muscles, giving them a chance to completely recover before you get back to working out.

What you may want to do is track your workouts based strictly on effectiveness. Choose key exercises, like squats, pushups, pullups, etc., and do them at least once a week. If you are improving your reps, form, or weight on these movements on a monthly basis, you are on the right track, even if you are mildly sore.

You Need to Eat or Drink Protein Within a Certain Amount of Time

It is commonly believed that you have to drink a protein shake within a certain anabolic window or your muscles will fail to grow, or eat themselves. This just simply isn’t true. Amino-acid availability does influence post-exercise protein synthesis, but whether this actually influences sling-term muscle growth remains to be proved.

A recent review on the “anabolic window” theory by exercise nutrition researchers Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., CSCS, and Alan Aragon concluded that nutrient timing is more of a board door than it is a narrow window. Immediate post-workout eating is probably important if you did a fasted workout, but if you ate some carbs and protein beforehand, or if you train later in the day after having eaten several meals, you’re going to be OK.


Lifting Maximum Weight is the Fastest Way to Max Muscle Growth

Take a look around your gym. The biggest dudes are usually the ones lifting the most weight, so it makes sense that they go heavy. Well, you don’t need to be maxing out your weight in order to build muscle. You can do more reps with less weight and not lose any muscle. It will actually help you, as your body needs to train with a variety of rep ranges. If you just don’t feel like going heavy, you can easily swap out heavy bench presses for pushups.

You Can Lose Fat In One Area

Reducing fat in one specific area, otherwise known as spot reduction, simply doesn’t work. No matter how many crunches you do, you will never be able to get rid of that pesky layer of fat that is obscuring your muscles. To lose weight, you need to burn as much fuel as you can with more intense exercises, like squats, dips, pull down, deadlifts, and shoulder presses, all while following a strict diet.

Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky

This myth has been perpetuated by magazine covers, fitness models, and shows that feature extreme physiques. What it mostly comes down to is testosterone. Men have more testosterone than women which increases their ability to put on muscle. The more testosterone you have the more muscle mass you will have because of testosterone’s ability to increase muscle protein synthesis.

Many people spend hours in the gym every day lifting weights trying to become bulkier, and many people avoid lifting weights because of the fear that it will make them bulky. In order for the body to be able to gain a decent amount of muscle, you must be eating in a calorie surplus, meaning that you are consuming more calories than you are burning.

You’ll Burn More Fat On An Empty Stomach

It’s popularly believed that working out on an empty stomach will help burn the fat you have in your body, helping you get that sculpted and toned body that you want. While this is technically true — in the morning the body is deprived of nutrients so it will tap into fat stores — it is not a great approach to building muscle and getting fit. Working out on an empty stomach burns more muscle, which defeats the purpose of any fitness routines. It is also a sub-optimal way to work out, as the lack of nutrients will not allow for peak performance.


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